8 months old baby

Question: Can i use orasep gel for mouth ulcer 8 month baby?reply fast

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Answer: Dear if the medicine is prescribed by doctor then its completely safe to use it ..
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Question: Can we apply mouth ulcer gel during pregnancy
Answer: Yes, you can apply oral gel but rinse within 5-10 min. and don't swallow it. Most oral gels contains lignocaine for symptomatic relief which is not harmful. Also avoid eating spicy food and maintain oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene may lead to recurring mouth ulcers.
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Question: can I take b complex capsule in 8 month pregnancy for mouth ulcer
Answer: hello dear without doctor consultation you are not suggested to take medicines so consult your doctor dear..
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Question: I have mouth ulcer , can i use glecrine for the remedy? Kindly suggest for the same !
Answer: Hi! Please try the below to get some relief; 1) Gargle with warm salt water. 2) Rub a cube of ice gently 3) Chew on a clove bud, they are absolutely safe. 4)Drink coconut water. 5) Chew on few tulsi leaves with honey. Hope you get a relief soon.
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Question: Hi i giving feeding to baby i got mouth ulcer can use medican
Answer: Hi,you can take meds but only safe meds in consultation with your Dr. Ulcer can also be due to defeceincy of folic acid ,you can try taking folic acid in consultation with your Dr
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