6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I use face creams during pregnancy??

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Answer: Yes if you are not getting any rashes after using it, then you can use the cream in pregnancy as well.
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Question: Can we use hairremoving creams during pregnancy
Answer: hi since these creams are chemical based it can cause allergy because already during pregnancy your skin has become very delicate for the application of chemical based cream can cause any kind of energy therefore it is advisable to avoid using this creams and it is better to use a razor or direct waxing
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Question: In pregnancy can i use face creams or foot crack creams n undereye dark circles creams
Answer: Yes dear U can use face creams or foot crack creams and undereye dark circles cream in pregnancy as there is no harm in using it. But if u notice any change in ur skin or some allergic reaction then suddenly stop using it as in pregnancy u are going through various hormonal cahnges.
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Question: During pregnancy can i use acne creams
Answer: Yes you can. No problem in using them. But if u find any irritation stop immediately because during pregnancy the skin becomes very soft & stretched and so there are chances of reactions on the skin.
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