1 months old baby

Question: can i use diaper (pamper) for 2 month old baby???

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Answer: hello dear i if you have to use diaper for the baby you can use it at night so that the baby will have a peaceful sleep even if the baby passes urine. But you have to keep changing the diaper in the night otherwise it will cause diaper rashes which is very painful for the baby. during the daytime it is advisable to use cloth nappies because it is more comfortable for the baby
Answer: Yup you can but cloth is the best for babies..with diapers chances for rashes are high Try to use cloth during day time and diapers( pampers) at night . Make sure you change them ( pampers) every three hours
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Question: Can I use pampers diaper for one month old baby?
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Yes you can use pampers, or any other diaper so that your baby would have a good night's sleep. Make sure you change the diaper every 4 to 5 hours.
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Question: Can i use pamper pants for 1 month 20 days old baby??
Answer: Hello dear..yes u can use..i used it for my 20days old baby...its perfectly good..make sure u get proper size else their wil be leakage
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Question: Can use pamper for baby
Answer: Yes dear. You can use diapers for your baby. Just make sure to change it when the baby poops or you feel it full with urine.
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