33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I use soframycin creme for bacterial infection in pregnancy

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Answer: Hi, Any self medication is not safe during pregnancy.consult ur doctor before using it
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Question: What is main reason suffering bacterial infection for 13th babies?? How can i protect the baby to bacterial infection
Answer: Dear what kind of bacterial infection are you talking about. I would say your baby is too small if he is having the infection please consult doctor and do not opt for any kind of home remedy. One thing that you can do is start giving bath to your baby with neem leaves boiled water as this will keep any kind of skin bacterial infection away. Hope it helps.
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Question: Having pain and burning sensation in my vaginal stitches. Can i use soframycin
Answer: Take warm water bath put some bitadine liquid. Make sure to dry the stitches properly and apply bitadine ointment. Just mentain hygiene.
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Question: I got urine infection....can i use antibiotic in pregnancy
Answer: Yes..with the prescription of a dr...they will give antibiotics ehich is safe during pregnancy....
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