15 months old baby

Question: Can i use clobetamil cream for 1year old baby.he had rashes on leg and sometime the skin breaks there

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Answer: No dear Not at all Clobetamil has a very strong steroid named clobetasol which is never used in children Even in adults it is never used on face Using steroids have a lot of side effects especially in children It causes thinning of the skin and masks the underlying problem Also in can get absorbed systemically and causes problems U should consult a skin specialist for these rashes
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Question: Can i use clobetamil oinment for 1yr old baby...his skin in the breaks
Answer: Use Mamaeath baby products for ur baby its toxin free and effective one especially for kids and all creams and lotions are soothing one
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Question: Can i use clobetamil oinment to my 1year old baby ...his skin breaks at legs
Answer: Hello, please visit your pediatrician before giving any kind of medication to your kid .
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Question: My baby had rashes around his neck and i used candid cream..the rashes got clear but his skin became white around the rashes.. When will it go?
Answer: Within several weeks I guess but need regular Sun bath. It will go itself.
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