5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can I use beauty products????

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Question: Can we use plum beauty products in pregnancy??
Answer: Hi, dear I used them during my pregnancy and they are very good and mild but see all skin type are different so try for 1 day and wait for 3 days if you didn't get any rash or itching then you can use it..
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Question: Can we use beauty products in pregnancy?
Answer: It's better to avoid it dear during pregnancy your skin will going through various changes like you may have dark skin, rashes. Pimples dry skin, itching in skin. If you use beauty products the skin problems will become worse. Better to avoid because most of the beauty products contains chemical which is not good for your skin. You can follow home remedies like cucumber juice can be applied on face, turmeric and sandalwood and row milk paste helps in lightning the skin, alovera gell, rice flour curd and honey mix is good for skin, you can take a tomato slice and dip in sugar or rice flour scrub your face which helps in lightning the skin, drink lots of water to prevent dry skin, coconut oil massage and warm bath is good for your skin dear, papaya banana can be used as fruit scrub dear. These home remedies doesn't have any side effects. To maintain good face skin avoid eating spicy oily food. Food should be well balanced dear. Tc.
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Question: Any beauty products use kartea hai like wax,facials??
Answer: Hi dear,I think u should avoid it.During pregnancy ur body become more sensible.so what was perfect for u,may be in this period this can hurt u.U can do one thing-take a small quantity and apply it on small area,if it affects then avoid it..
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