1 months old baby

Question: Can I use Anti -col drops on regular basis for my 1month old baby?

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Answer: Haifa medication I would advise you to consult to Dr of the for medications to be on the safer side because it depends upon various factors it also depends upon whether the medicine suits the baby or whether the baby is allergy to that medicine therefore you should not take any chance with the medicines you should only give medicines and the consultation with your doctor
Answer: Hi dear there is No need of giving medicine to baby without any reason. Ur baby is very small and giving unnecessary of medicine is not at all good for ur baby.infact at this age this is advised to use home remedy to cure baby cold inspite of going for medicine.
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Question: Can i use diper for my 1 month old baby on regular basis?
Answer: No u can't use diaper in regular basis As it is summer season going on, if you wear daily daiper then it will harm ur baby's skin, Red rashes may occur and ur baby get irritate with this rashes. That area is so sensitive that max u had to try that area should be open. When ever if u are traveling then u can wear diaper then it will be ok but plz don't wear diaper in regular basis
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Question: Can i use diper to my baby on regular basis?
Answer: Hi you can use diapers but before using apply moisturizer or powder as it help to prevent rashes and if possible don't use diapers continuous.
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Question: Can i use cycloplam drops for my baby on daily basis
Answer: Hi dear.cyclopam is used for stomach pain only.not use daily base.gripe water use Daily for colic pains,and digestion in daily basis.
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Question: Can i use coconut oil for my baby's hair on regular basis?? She is 4 months old..
Answer: Yes but do not leave after applying. Apply oil before hair wash. Leave for few mins and wash it off. It may be cold so do not leave as such
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