7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I use ammonia free hair color? Or is there any other alternative.. Plz suggest..

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Answer: Hi dear, ammonia free hair colour would be better option or pure henna (mehendi) that contains no chemicals is safe for dyeing hair during pregnancy. Henna, a popular natural hair dye, is often used because it is believed to improve the quality of the hair.
Answer: Hi.. Yes, you can use it once in a while, it is not going to be any problem..
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Question: Can i color my hair with ammonia free haircolor?
Answer: Hi Dear! Coloring hair in pregnancy is safe but better if thr color is natural.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi,can i color my hair with ammonia free hair color or what else can i use.i have grey hair issue please suggest
Answer: Hi dear, I can understand it is a dilemma to use hair colour in pregnancy.i would advice you to avoid it as far as possible.as most of the hair colour has chemical dye in it.it could seep through the skin and mixes with blood.you can use mehendi instead.it is safe.
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Question: Hi . I am 1 month pregnant. Can i use a ammonia free hair color once in a month.
Answer: Hi, even if they are herbal colours, they always suggest for checking of allergic response first, as described in the instruction leaflet. If no problem with that, then this should not be a big deal, at least with herbal product.
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Question: Can I go for ammonia free hair color...i m 12Week pregnant
Answer: No not any chemical dye is preferred during pregnancy better to avoid hair colours during pregnancy
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