4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I travel to hill station during 5th week of pregnancy. I' m feeling nausea. & vommiting usually

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Answer: Hello! Travelling to a high altitude will increase your nausea and vomiting more. It is better hence to avoid. Consult your doctor also once for it. Take care
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Question: Can i travel to a hill station
Answer: Hi congrats, Yes! Get out now while you can! You won't feel like it in a few months. Unless your doc instructs you otherwise, you can do those things. You do want to be careful that you don't get overheated or exhausted. Remember that your baby is taking a lot out of you. Your lungs are working harder too to produce more oxygen for baby. You will be out of breath a lot. Make sure you take break and drink plenty of water. Eat several small meals a day and stay cool so you don't risk passing out. And if you feel sick or dizzy, it might be a good idea to lay down and poop your feet up. Even my friend had been to ooty when she was pregnant. But before you do so please check with you doc once😉....take care enjoy👍
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Question: Can I travel to a hill station
Answer: Hello! Traveling during the first trimester is not advisable it is better to avoid as it is high risk period and one needs to be very cautious. Also high altitude can bring in lot of problems such as vomiting, breathlessness and other things. Take care
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Question: Is it safe to travel to hill station which takes 2.5 hrs in car during 5th month of pregnancy
Answer: Hi! In my opinion hill station in pregnancy is not a wise decision to go to, the roads are all uneven hilly areas hv very basic amenities available incase of emergency its not a suitable place to be in.. Hope this helps!
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