27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i travel one and half day by train in 32 weeks?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear The safest period to travel when you are in your second trimester, you can travel in 32 nd week of your pregnancy only after measuring all precautions well before it is time to travel.. You need to take care of all your medication and food items.. Carry sufficient home made stuff, that you don't have to rely on train food.. Second most important thing is usage of train washrooms, carry tissue papers and sanitizer.. Also, take a YES from your gynaecologist as well, because she is aware of your pregnancy details..
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    Anju Arun58 days ago

    Thank u so much

Answer: No, traveling is not allowed in 3 rd trimester. Plz avoid. Consult Ur gynaecologist.
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Question: Hai I am 5 week pregnant can I travel by train like half day
Answer: Hii dear if u don't have complication u can do travelling bcz u are in a 2nd trimester these days are safe for travelling hope it will help u
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Question: Can I travel by train in 34 weeks pregnancy?
Answer: You can but Do consult your doctor before travelling. Here are few things to remember while travelling during pregnancy. 1) pack meal and snacks for yourself, which you can eat at every two hours. 2) Do not eat anything from outside. No street food, cut fruits, juices etc. 3) Carry your own water or purchase packaged water. 4) Washrooms are the most unhygienic in trains. Carry toilet disinfectant spray, tissues, sanitizer to keep yourself clean and germ free. 5) Don't sit for longer hours. 6) Wear comfortable clothes and prefer slippers or shoes.
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Question: Can i travel 9 hrs by train in 36 weeks
Answer: Hello! you should avoid travelling at this stage of pregnancy for safety purpose if its urgent talk to your doctor before travelling.
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant can I travel in train for one day
Answer: Yes u can travel by train but it vil completely depend on ur medical health condition...so consult ur doc fr tat
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