34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i travel in this week am 32weeks pregnant my doctor told me that my placenta is low am going for delivery i will go by train it mau take 13hr please suggest?

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Answer: By train yes Offcrs. Journey by train is considered safe. Be safe from the hassel on platform. Also keep yourself awat from crowdy area.
Answer: No it's not safe to travel that much when placenta is low. Actually placenta low means u have to take complete bed rest
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Question: Can i travel next we in train my doctor told me that your placenta is little bit low i go for delivery can i travel?
Answer: Hi dear... You didn't mention how many hours it will take to go and by which mode you are going like by road or train. If you are going by your own vehicle and with proper care at speed breaks and giving small breaks at every 1-1.5hrs , with proper hydration. You can travel for 5-6hrs. If more than that it may be risky, you may develop swelling in your legs and feel discomfort. If you are going by train with reservation and proper care you can travel for 10-12 hours comfortably. Hope this may help you. Happy pregnancy
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Question: My placenta is low line can I travel by train????
Answer: I won't suggest any travel at this period.though train travel is fine but since you have a complication here,b d rest is what I suggest.
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Question: Am 22 weeks pregnant Dr said low lying placenta 500km can I travel by train
Answer: you should avoid traveling in the case of low lying placenta as thee is a risk of bleeding you should take bed rest with leg end raised and repeat the scan after 1 month to see the changes in the position of placenta after then , you can decide about traveling take care
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