12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiii can I travel 2hours in bus ? Iam six month pregnant

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Answer: if your pregnancy is healthy and complication free then you can travel.
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Question: Am 8 th month pregnant ...can i travel in bus
Answer: Hello dear, There's no reason not to travel when you're pregnant. To prevent cramps, safe to walk around and do some simple stretches. If you're sitting or standing, extend your leg, heel first, and gently flex your foot to stretch your calf muscles. When you're sitting, rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes. You must take care hygiene before using bathroom and sitting, touching anywhere.  Second trimester (3-6 months) The middle three months of pregnancy are considered the safest months to fly. The risks of miscarriage have diminished and complications, such as premature labour, are low. If you have a medical condition or have hadpregnancy complications you should discuss these with your doctor. The two main hazards of being on the road are unruly traffic and bumpy roads. You are exposed to both of these much more when travelling by a two or three wheeler, than you would be in a car, bus, train or metro. Some women prefer not to travel in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because of nausea and feeling very tired during these early stages. And last trimester is also risky. Hope it helped.... Take care urself....
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Question: Ma'am can I travel on bus .... daily 2hours...
Answer: Hi,Dear Travelling in pregnancy completely depends on you as to how confident and comfortable you are while travelling and also it depends if you have a green signal from the Doctor and there is no complication or restriction in your pregnancy to travel, if you r travelling by bus try to take front seats to avoid the jerks,Also stretching your legs rotate your legs closrwise anti clock wise for better blood circulation,All the best
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Question: I am 31weeks pragnant can i travel in bus daily for 2hours
Answer: No it's not safe Bcz 1st trimester and 3 3rd trimester me jyada care krni hoti h and bus travelling is dangerous for you and your baby.. Plz like my answer dear..
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