7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can i travel 1- 12 hours ????????

2 Answers
Answer: Better avoid travelling
Answer: no
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Question: Can i travel by car for 12 hours
Answer: Hi, yes if all your medical condition is normal you can travel. But you should take your precautions You should avoid bumpy roads. You should keep a soft cushion behind your back to avoid backpain You should halt after every HR so that you get up and take a small walk so thatt you don't get cramps. You should carry your medical files along You should take enough fluids and eatables along with you .take care all the best
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Question: I had c-sec on 1 october. can i travel 12 hours by train???
Answer: Hi, you should avoid travelling till at least 40 days after that you can travel
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Question: can i travel 12 hours in car
Answer: Hi! You can as long as you take care of your comfort, if you have nausea, constipation, vomiting then being in the care for a long time can cause discomfort. Also there will be bumpy roads and traffic along. Lot of women prefer to travel after 12 weeks, however women do travel in car for long trips in first trimester too.
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