7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can I travel during my first trimester

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Answer: Not so far
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Question: Can I travel during first trimester
Answer: Hello Dear travelling in first trimester depends upon how yur pregnancy is. Means if yu are not pron to nausea , vomitting or any medical condition like low lying placenta, blood pressure, ttroid, sugar then yu can travel. Or other wise yu need to take care in yur first trimester. Jus wait for your first scan if every thing is fine and yur gynaecologist say yes yu can travel with al yur required medication. Take care
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Question: Can i travel by train during first trimester
Answer: Yes dear absolutely. Infact I travelled twice during my first trimester by train. If ur pregnancy is not having any complication please go ahead. Make sure to take the lower birth and also carry food abd water from home. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i travel in bus or autoriksha during first trimester
Answer: Dear if your pregnancy is not having any complications then yes you can travel by bus or autorickshaw but you have to be extra cautious while travelling due to the bumpy roads and pot holes. Take care. Hope i helped.
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