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Question: Can I take shower after removal of stitches...do I need to cleen my area of stitches every time while applying oinment

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Answer: Dear if your stitch has removed than you can take shower . Yes dear you should apply this ointment after taking baths.
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    Sandhya P8 days ago


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Question: My stitches are not healing i had normal delivery my stitches got break after 5 days of delivery what can i do to heal them?
Answer: Dear if stitches r break consult to ur dr nd she ll gives stitches again .nd apply betadine ointment on stitches, take plenty of liquids nd water ,chsnge ur pad after 3 4 hour nd take medicine as ur dr suggest u..try it dear .
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Question: After how many days we need to take bath after removal of c section stiches? How to take bath without wound becoming wet
Answer: Congratulations Dear! You can take bath after 2 to 3 days. Just apply coconut oil on your stitches and use polythene cover and cotton cloth to wrap around your abdomen for few days
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Question: Can i do every work after 2months of c-section
Answer: Hi, you can't do all work.. don't lift any heavy items ... don't do any stress work you should be very careful atleast for another few months
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