11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i take pudinhara for acidity

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Answer: It is not advisable to take pudinhara and other such over the counter medication during pregnancy dear....as it may not be safe for you during pregnancy dear..so please consult with your gynecologist and take the medication she prescribes dear...
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Question: I have acidity problem from last few weeks so can I take pudinhara pills during pregnancy ...
Answer: Hello dear..please do not take any pills for acidity during pregnancy as it is not safe to take anything without doctor's advice.
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Question: Can I take pudinhara tab?
Answer: Hi,Dear Dear yes you can pudinhara but in moderation n not regularly it is not good. Gas will be common in pregnacy yu can also try homeremedies*Currently yu can ajwain with black salt it will give yu relief immediately. *Yu can also take cumin water with sugar on warmer side post eating lunch *Try and walk after yur meal it will reduce bloating. *Yu can cut lemon put little black salt, black pepper and grinded jeera powder roast on small flame and suck. *Being hydrated with juices, coconut water helps a lot *Eat smaller meals in shorter time. *Avoid oily,spicy food n also veggie which cause gas broccoli,cabbage,potato. *Drink chilled milk always its safe .Take care
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Question: Can i take pudinhara for indigestion during pregnancy?
Answer: You'll have to consult your doctor before taking any medication during. However you can have jeera or saunf for digestion.
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