7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i take milk shake from outside shop?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear Eating out during pregnancy is not unsafe, as long as hygiene standards are met and the food is nourishing to the baby. Hitting a restaurant is not a problem, however, remember that some things are not safe for consumption during pregnancy and may harm you and your baby.
Answer: Hai dear ..better to take pastuarized milk .. healthy home made milk and milk products..
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Question: can I take banana shake Mango shake n chikoo shake
Answer: Yes whtever you want go eat jo aapka dil kree use jrur khana ek baar tohh abd fruits are healty for uh & ur baby
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Question: Can i take mango shake...my baby only take breast milk..he is 1 month old
Answer: Yes in smaal quantity you can have it. Even mangoes are warm.in nature which are good for milk excretion.
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Question: Can i drink milk shake
Answer: Hello! There is no problem in having milk shakes. But make sure you have it prepared at home and have them fresh. Take care.
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