10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i take Doxinate 10MG for Morning Sickness ? Is it safe ? My doctor has prescribed 2 tablets at bed time.

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Answer: Doxinate 10mg is give for morning sickness. We have take it early mng before breakfast. If we have serve any tablet in the evening. Once check with ur doctor once again how to use it dear
Answer: Yes u can take it. Try to take more fluids and water. U can eat orange for morning sickness. Drink coconut water twice a day.
Answer: My doctor has also suggested doxinate 2 tablet at bed time. Not in morning
Answer: Plz avoid medicine Instead take imli toffee Saunf Toffees try karo
Answer: Yes you take it my Dr. is also prescribed this medicine it's safe
Answer: I am taking the same medicine for morning sickness
Answer: Yes it is safe ..take it in morning & night
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Answer: Tidilan is used to prevent premature labour dear..and you're in the 39th week of pregnancy..so taking this medication now isn't necessary as your baby is a full term baby and delivering the baby now is absolutely safe.. please consult with your gynecologist and find out why she's asking you to take it now..
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Question: Doctor has prescribed doxinate... is that safe?
Answer: Hi,this meds is used to treat constipation.it looks like you suffer constipation. However you should also try home remedies like Have fibrous food like green veggies and carrits Have more water intake Have nuts like figs and prunes and dates Have banana All this should help too
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Question: Is safe to take doxinate medicine for morning sickness???
Answer: Without consulting your Doctor don't take tablet.Morning sickness during pregnancy is common. Do pranayama breathing exercises regularly It will keep your body fit and you will get relief from sickness
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