Question: can I take desi ghee ? bt I feel lower abdmn pain since yestrdy so wat 2 do ?

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Answer: yes dear you can eat deshi ghee with meal but not in milk. lower abdomen pain is normal dont worry it is due to expanding uterus.
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Question: Hi I'm 32weeks pregnant my lower stomach is paininge so much wat can i do
Answer: Hi dear... lower stomach pain is common during the third trimester of pregnancy is caused by the increased weight of the uterus and the baby dear.... keeping a pillow in between your knees while sitting and sleeping will help reduce the pain to some extent dear....
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Question: I feel Lower abdomen pain. It's normal ?????
Answer: Hey dear as you are in your 37 week so at this time baby start getting in birth position which increases the pressure and pain... So take rest and don't stand for long time..
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Question: I'm 15 weeks pregnant and can I feel comfortable to sleep flat....can I do so?
Answer: Hi, It is not adviced to sleep flat after first trimster. Some of the elders told me that it may cause harm for the baby. Sleeping position is on left side or right side.
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