19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i take coconut water in running five months... Is it good for me???

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Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can have, Coconut water is a safe drink,that you can drink during pregnancy,it contains potassium, magnesium,protein,good source of dietary fibre and vitamin c, drinking coconut water in pregnancy,helps to meet increased blood supply, maintain amniotic level and also helps fetal circulation, drinking coconut water in a part of your diet,will possess lot of health benefits
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Question: Can i drink coconut water is it good for me i have 3 months old baby some People said do not drink coconut water please suggest me
Answer: Hi dear, Tender coconut is very nutritious and good for everyone including babies at this stage. it is a very good rehydration agent during the hot summers.Natural cure for fevers. Prevents vomiting, indigestion and loosemotions, constipation.rich source of nutrition besides breast milk and builds immunity .there is no effect on breast milk.ease donot beleive in it.
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Question: it's 8th month running for me.... is it good drinking tender coconut water at this stage
Answer: Yes, it is safe to drink coconut water during pregnancy, but in moderation, as it contains natural vitamins and minerals. For some women it causes cold. Having coconut water helps curb dehydration resulting due to morning sickness. It is also good for heartburn and constipation, the common symptoms of pregnancy. But do not have it if you have diabetes.
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Question: Is coconut water is good for baby for me three months running
Answer: Yes its good .it helps to relieve constipation ,acidity,rich sorce of potassium
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