2 months old baby

Question: Can i take cinnamon powder in any shake ...wilk it effect my baby while breastfeeding

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Answer: Hi.. Yes, you can have it. Infact, it helps in increasing the supply of milk, while you are breast feeding. It will not have any adverse affect on your baby..
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Question: can i consume cinnamon while breastfeeding
Answer: Welcome to healofy and we are happy to help. Cinnamon helps to increase the flow of milk. A pinch of cinnamon should be added to half a teaspoon of honey or to a glass of warm milk and consumed. This traditional herb has been used to cure the problem of insufficient milk supply in nursing mothers for long. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Do any know about herbal life products Can I take it. In pregncy shake n protin powder with milk
Answer: Hi dear I don't think Herbalife product will be safe for you since it is designed for a particular set of people those who are dieting and struggling to lose weight however you can ask your gynecologist about it and if you have been taking their supplement please do let your gynecologist know and if he vomits then you can continue to have .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can I drink saffron milk while breastfeeding. Is it safe while breastfeeding or has any health effect on babies?
Answer: Hello dear, saffron is good for you as well as your baby. So, you can take saffron milk with out any hesitation.
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Question: Is it safe to take protien powder while breastfeeding
Answer: Hello . Dear protein is essential during feeding,you can take protein powder,but consult doctor recommended brand will be better and advisable
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