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Question: Can I take calcium tablets and folic acid tablets on a same day like one tablet in morning and other one at night??

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes you can definitely take both in a day with a gap of 2-3 hours or more.
Answer: Yes. It should be taken like that
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Question: I forgot in the morning to take folic acid tablet can i take at night
Answer: Hi dear surely u can take but make sure nit ti eat calcium with eat and avoid eating anything food which contains calcium before and after 1 hr of taking iron tablet.
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Question: Can we take folic acid tablets and calcium vitamin d3 tablets at a time
Answer: Hi dear yes calcium vitamin D3 and iron cannot be taken together because they are heavy to digest so better take them with different meals take care
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Question: Hi, My hb level is 9.6 and doctor has advised me to take two iron tablets and two calcium tablets per day. Monring - one "LivogenZ" iron tablet. Afternoon - Two "Shelcal 500" calcium tablets. Night - one "LivogenZ" and one "Folvite" Folic acid tablet. Can I take two calcium tablets at the same time?
Answer: Also eat iron and calcium rich foods for good result.. Take vitamin c rich foods after taking iron tablet for better absorption of iron
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