2 months old baby

Question: can i take buffalo's milk for 60 days old baby for her ?

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Answer: Hi dear, you should never give cow/buffalo milk to baby before 12 months. As baby won't be able to digest it and make get loose motions and vomiting. After 12 months baby has better digestive system and can be given to baby.
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Question: Can i feedy 7 month old baby with buffalo's milk?
Answer: No cow or buffalo milk should not be given till 1 year as baby can't digest it properly and get any nutrients from it.
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Question: my daughter is 10 and half month old can I give her cows pr Buffalo's milk?
Answer: Hi For baby cow's milk is much more better than Buffalo's milk . Buffalo's milk is more thicker than that of cow's. Cow's milk is easy in digest so pls give cow's milk to baby
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Question: my baby is 7month old. while making suji kheer can I add buffalo's milk??? can formula milk be added while making kheer rather than buffalo's milk???
Answer: Don't use either buffalo or cow milk Add formula milk to kheer after the kheer cools
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