14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I take a glass of carrot juice daily?

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Question: CAn i drink one glass carrot juice daily in 24 weeks
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can drink it is rich in vitamin A, and also has essential nutrients, can also add some apple and beetroot to it, will be more nutrious
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Question: can i take carrot juice daily
Answer: Yes you can have carrot juice. It's good in pregnancy as it helps in increasing your hb level which decreases all of sudden in last trimester so better try to increase the intake of iron rich foods including carrots. You can have carrot juices, carrots in salads etc. Don't consume carrot halwa as its low in nutrition value and high in sugar. Which is not advisable.
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Question: Can I take carrot juice daily???
Answer: If you prefer to cook or eat raw carrots, you’ll benefit from more satiety from the fiber, which is ideal for weight management but drinking carrot juice is also beneficial during and after pregnancy because it's full of calcium, folate, potassium, magnesium, and of course vitamin A
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