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Question: can I take a folic acid tablet on fertile days

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Answer: Hi! Yes dear definitely you can take. Its a very very important while you are trying to conceive.. Folic acid helps the body to create and maintain new cells specially RBC, it prevents anemia and help conception to an extent.. Hope this helps…
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Question: Hello, Madam during fertile period which should I take Folic acid tablets or Folic acid food?
Answer: Folic acid tablets are safe. U can have it now before pregnancy and after as well
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Question: Can I take folic acid tablet after delivery?
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 4 months old dear after delivery u can take folic acid but more important s to take iron nd calcium supplement as during delivery blood loss s common so u should take iron supplement consult yo ur gyno nd take calcium nd iron supplement if she suggested folic acid u can take it Try it
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Question: Can I take folic acid tablet with 5 mg dose
Answer: hi dear, in pregnancy you have to take medicines prescribed by your doctor and dosage you should take as directed by your gynac. If your gynec give you 5 mg dose then yes you can take.
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Question: Can I take doxinate and folic acid tablet together??
Answer: Hi dear. you should consult your doctor because medicine should be taken under the observation of Dr only
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