2 months old baby

Question: Can i start workout as my baby is 2 months old

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Answer: Start by basic exercise by walking and focus on building core strength exercises before starting weight lifting
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Question: my baby is 2+ months old...I want frm wen I can start workout
Answer: Hello! From 3 months you can start light exercise like stretching and all and from 6th month you can do what ever you want to like running, jumping, lifting weight, every thing.
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Question: After how many months i can start workout and what type of workout i should do?
Answer: Hi dear, I.know you must be quite impatient to.loose all the baby fat post delivery.Go easy post delivery and donot rush to loose weight.it took 9 months for you to gradually gain that baby weight,so go slow.first two.months avoid any kind of high intensity work out.brusk walking should be good.start yoga by 3 months .and by 1 year ,join gym and can do normal workouts,provided you do not hurt your back by lifting heavy weights.ideally by 2 years post delivery,one can get back to high intensity work outs.breast feeding really helps in loosing all the fat naturally.so continue brestfeeding at least till 1 year to loose the fat faster.eat healthy ,do not crash diet,else that would take a toll on your health and breastmilk supply.drink plenty of water to increase metabolism too.
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Question: After cesarean, when can I start my abs workout??
Answer: Hi dear if you are going to have a C section delivery then at least for 6 months you won't be able to do any work out and after that you will be allowed by your doctor to do the workouts because C section incision the outer part gets filled very soon but the inner parts takes a long time hence rest is important and his suggested after C section delivery .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can I start workout? My delivery was C section.and my baby is 10 months old
Answer: Yeah you can start
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