6 months old baby

Question: Can i start giving ragi malt to my baby as she is 5 month 10 days baby

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Answer: Hie Please breast feed your baby exclusively for the first 6 months not only is your breast milk easy to digest but contains essential nutrients, fats and antibodies which will help baby to grow , develop and fight illness if any Your babys digestive system is immature at 3 months he might not be able to digest any thing  other than breast milk hence would suggest wait untill your baby turns 6 months 
Answer: Hi! Please let the baby complete 6 months of age and then start otherwise Ragi malt is very healthy. Ragi or Finger Millet is very nutritious , it helps in your baby's overall growth and development. It contains protein, calcium and Iron, it is gluten free, low in fat and easily absorbable and digested. You can give Ragi porridge, malt etc. Good luck!
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Question: Hi my baby boy 5 mnths 20 days running can i start him with giving ragi malt and how to make d ragi malt plz explain
Answer: Dear, you can start grains in 7 month. From 6 month, you can give vegetables soup and fruit puree. Don't give anything noe expect milk.
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Question: Hello doctor my baby is complete his 4th month. Can I start giving him ragi malt?
Answer: Dear, you can give your baby ragi malt after six month before completing six months you can only give your baby your breast milk.
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Question: My baby 5 th month 2 days can I start ragi malt nd water milk fruit juice
Answer: Hi .... You can give little amount of water milk fruit juice but wait for ragi malt ......ragi malt later
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