24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I sleep straight...?bcz on my left I can't able to sleep whole night I sleep only my right side or straight...?

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Answer: Dear you can sleep on right side. I asked my doctor. She told me any side is ok not straight. Take care
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    Anisha Kumawat7 days ago

    Thank you bt when I sleep on right side my baby bump touched the bad is it my baby safe or not that my belly touched

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Question: If I ll sleep on my left side my baby bump ll be left side ,,when I turn right side baby bump ll be right.is it ok
Answer: It is normal dear, please make it to 60% left side and 40% right side , to improves blood circulation to the heart and allows for the best blood flow to the baby , uterus and placenta.so any side sleeping is safest for your baby.
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Question: Can't able to sleep whole night even fir a minute what to do?
Answer: before going to bed take warm water bath or a one glass of warm milk it will help you in getting sound sleep if you are taking long nap in daytime then avoid taking that
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Question: At night how to switch sides while in sleep. If I am on left side then I become straight and turn right slowly. Is it okay?
Answer: It's k but always try to sleep on left side it's help for you and your baby respiratory system and blood circulations .
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