31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can i sleep on my right side for sometime, as sleeping on left side for long period not possible

2 Answers
Answer: why it is advisable to sleep on the left side because by sleeping on the left side it ensures proper flow of Oxygen and blood and food to the Placenta however if you want to sleep on the right side you can but do not sleep for a longer duration just for 10-15 minutes would be fine
Answer: Some time ok not all the time..😊😊
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Question: Can i sleep on right side for while ? As continue sleeping on left becomes difficult
Answer: Hi dear,during pregnancy you can sleep in right side for sometime. But don't continue for longer period of time as the entire weight of uterus causes pressure on your liver which hamper digestion. Where is sleeping on left side ensure proper digestion & proper nutrition flow to baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: Helow I used to sleep on right side as I am not conformable on sleeping left side it pains when I sleep on left
Answer: hi dear years it will pain when we sleep on left side because it is good for babies growth and development and also for baby's movement to avoid the pain you can use a pillow for bed sheet under your stomach which helps to reduce the pain and also you can keep pillow behind your back and lean on the pillow instead of a sleeping on your back you can just lean on the pillow which also helps to avoid getting problem
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Question: Can i sleep on right side sometime i am not comfortable on left side
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. You can sleep in which ever position you are comfortable with. Take care.
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