19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I skip iron folic acid and calcium for just one day?

Answer: Try not to skip these tablets.. If accidently you forget to take them one day it's not a big problem but try not to avoid these tablets as they are important for both baby and mom
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Question: Can I skip my folic acid medicine for 2 days
Answer: Hii dear u can skip for two days No issues but don't miss it afterwards. For those two days u can prefer food containing more of iron like spinach brocolli dry fruits tofu.
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Question: What is the best duration in a day to take calcium, iron and folic acid tablets?
Answer: Hello dear, My doctor recommends calcium tablet in afternoon time. Combination of iron+folic tablet in night time. Please don't neglect those tablets during pregnancy. Its a good supplements. Thank you.
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Question: Can i take iron folic acid rich foods instead of taking iron folic acid tablets??
Answer: Yes good,but why don't you take the tablet.it is better to take tablet along with the foods then only proper amount will reach in your body dear...
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