19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I skip iron folic acid and calcium for just one day?

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Answer: Try not to skip these tablets.. If accidently you forget to take them one day it's not a big problem but try not to avoid these tablets as they are important for both baby and mom
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Question: Can I skip my folic acid medicine for 2 days
Answer: Hii dear u can skip for two days No issues but don't miss it afterwards. For those two days u can prefer food containing more of iron like spinach brocolli dry fruits tofu.
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Question: What time of the day is best to have iron, calcium and folic acid during pregnancy?????
Answer: You can take calcium after at least 20 min. of ur meal bt take iron after 1 hr. Gap of 1 hr is said right to take iron supplement after hving calcium supplement...it will help ur body to absorb n use most of the iron content.
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Question: How to take calcium iron and folic acid tables in a day? Running 5th month....
Answer: Hello dear. Iron should be taken on empty stomach so take that before breakfast. For folic make sure that the timing remain same so if you take it after breakfast continue taking it after breakfast daily. For calcium I used to take it with milk in night. You can have it after dinner. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can I take folic acid tablet along with calcium and iron tablet....
Answer: Dear folic acid is iron tablet. So please consult with your doctor and get the right dosage for the same..
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