15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can i sit two sided in 2 wheeler m not comfortable wit sitting in 1 side

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Answer: Yea definitely even I never sat on one side ever in my life.. Make sure rider knows that you are pregnant and have a safe slow ride on two wheeler..
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Question: Can I travel in the bike by sitting one sided?
Answer: If you are not having any complication and the road is smooth then definitely you can travel this way.
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Question: Can i travel in two wheeler...iam 1 month pregnant
Answer: Hello dear, If you don't have any serious medical complications like low lying placenta issue then you can travel, avoid bumpy and Jerky road.
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Question: Is two wheeler is safe in 1 trimster...i m working and i need to go by two wheeler.
Answer: Hi dear, I never advice two wheeler during pregnancy.there is a high risk of fall and getting hurt.instead take public transport to office.indian roads are also not of great quality.too much jerks could also be risky at this stage.fout wheeler is fine and less risky.
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