9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can I sit in activa for 1 hour continue journey....

1 Answers
Answer: Avoid at this time long journey...
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Question: Hello mam,i am 31 week pregnant .can i have journey in bus for 1 hour journey
Answer: Hi ...congrats on Ur pregnancy If u don't have any complications ..u can travel in bus for 1 hour ...try to avoid sitting for a longer time ...if u have long journeys ...just stop in middle walk for a while and den continue travelling
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Question: For vitamin D in pregnancy, can I sit for 1 hour in morning sunlight
Answer: Sitting too much in sunlight can damage your skin because they have u v and uB rays. Walking in evening sunlight will help also include mushroom, milk and milk products as they will help in increasing vitamin D
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Question: Can i sit cross legs in activa
Answer: Yes,you can but try to avoid travelling in 8th month,if there is necessary then only travel.
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