30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i sex during pregnancy?

3 Answers
Answer: U can have sex until u don't have risk in your pregnancy.
Answer: Yes. You can have sex during pregnancy with precautions..
Answer: U can have sex until u don't have risk pregnancy
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Question: Can we do sex during 7th week of pregnancy
Answer: Early Three month pregnancy you should not do sex this time is very risky many miscarriages happen at this time you can have sex during 4 to 6 months after consulting your doctor.
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Question: Can I use almond oil as lub? During sex.
Answer: Yes dear you can use almond oil as lubricant . But in next morning you should wash thoroughly . You can get lubricant in market .
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Question: Can i have sex during my 10th week of pregnancy?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy a big no .sex should be avoided 3 months because pressure in uterus s not good 4 ur baby so avoid till 3 months completed...then i avoid it in first trimester so dear try to avoid it irs not safe 4 present time .take care
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