19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i sew in the machine in this stage

2 Answers
Answer: Hi,you can if there is a healthy pregnancy. But you should be careful with your sitting position ,don't sit for too long at a stretch to avoid cramps in legs and back pain. In case you feel uncomfortable you should stop and take rest.
Answer: No dear, u should not sew as it produces more heat will affect ur baby
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Question: Can i sew clothes in machine in thise pregnancy period
Answer: Hi dear, You can sew clothes provided you donot sit at one place for long time.as it could stress your while body including your eyes.
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Question: After iui can i sew the sewing machine
Answer: Hi dear i will suggest u to avoid all these as ur body is already shaving some internal process going on so it should get required rest. Due to sone compliations u planner for iui. So just have some patience and rest for successful result b
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Question: Can i sew in the power machine?? Am 30th week pregnant... Jus for 30minutes like to stich baby cloths
Answer: Hi,yes you can use but you should be careful if the position in which you are sitting so that it should not cause physical strain to you or pain in abdomen.try not to sit for long time at a stretch.keeo a pillow behind your back so that you get comfort.
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Question: Can I feel the movement of baby in this stage
Answer: Hi dear you may start feeling your baby movement from 18-23 weeks. At first it works be like bubbles in solar and then you may be about to recognise it
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