26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i roll frm left to rght while sleeping?? R need to sit n turn

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Answer: Hello dear, you can roll slowly, no need to sit and turn. If you feel any pain in direct Turing than apply sit and turn tricks. Keep in mind that you may not stay in one position all night, and rotating positions is fine. Hope it helped.... Take care urself....
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Question: I have a lot of pain in left leg cant able to sit down n get up not able to turn side ways while sleeping
Answer: Legs pain/ cramps is quite normal in pregnancy. Stretching: It is important to stretch your muscles before your exercise and use them for long periods of time. However, stretching is also useful to help alleviate the cramp. Massage: This is often the most used method to alleviate a cramp and reduce the pain associated with it. Massaging the cramping muscle and sometimes massaging neighboring muscles helps take away the cramp. Add Heat: Heat can be applied to your cramping muscle using a heating pad, a microwaved heated cloth bag of rice, or some of the over-the-counter air-activated heating pads. Epsom Salt: A warm bath can often alleviate the cramp and pain, but an Epsom salt bath is usually a little more effective. This helps you relax overall and it helps relieve the tension in your muscles. Ice the Pain: You can wrap ice from the refrigerator or use an ice pack and apply to your cramping muscle. This cold often helps take away the pain associated with the cramping muscle. Combination: Stretching and then massaging the muscle with either a heating pad or ice pack often work together to collectively stop the cramping and alleviate the pain.
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Question: Does a pregnant lady need to sit up if she needs to turn from one side to another while sleeping?
Answer: Hi dear, Not necessarily,if you are comfortable turning sides without sitting up ,then do it.there is no rule as such.you need to be comfortable,that's more important.
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Question: Can i roll over while back to change sleeping position
Answer: Nope. You should not.. You must always ensure that you sit and turn the new side from your old one.
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