11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i remove bra n sleep at night..

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Answer: Yes of course infact during pregnancy if possible don't wear bra it ll make you more comfortable
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Question: Yellow, I'm 5 month pregnant, I couldn't sleep at night , morning I felt , sleepless.what can I do?
Answer: Yes quite normal..I was suffering from sleeplessness in my second trimester..it is basically due to hormonal fluctuations 😔..my doctor asked me to make a healthy sleep routine..no mobile,TV 2 hours prior to sleep..a glass of warm milk prior to sleep..no disturbance ,even sound of clock in the room too..I was greatly benefited within two weeks..please try it out..
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Question: What time should i feed to baby at night and what time should i make baby to sleep at night
Answer: Feed by 8/8:30 and make her sleep after 2-3 hours of feed.
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Question: I am suffering from constantly itchy throat which does not allow me to sleep at night and I become restless...crook antibiotics n cough syrup but getting relief only for short time...can I take levocetrizine..n cofsil lozenges
Answer: yes dear, you can take levocetrizine and cofsil lozenges.take proper rest and stay active.drink warm water and warm water gurgling with salt.focus on foods with vitamin C .better to apply vicks vaporub cream.take steam inhalation with karvol plus capsules.usually symptoms will be gone within 2 days.if you have symptoms more than 2 days and any throat pain, please visit doctor once again.take care
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