3 months old baby

Question: Can i put fan to ma 3month baby she feel so hot

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Answer: Yes. U can. But don't place directly under fan. Slightly apart from fan.
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Question: Can I put the fan at full speed, while my baby is sleeping, she feels very hot
Answer: Hi Yrs you can put the fan to your baby ok..its not a problem..if only at cold conditions put the fan at low..otherwise its ok atnthis hot summer..you can use cooler and ac also.but under some precautions ok..if you want to keep them.sc or cooler then dont expose baby directly to them and cover the babu with full.hand dress..and keep them hydrated..if u use ac maintain temperature at 25-26 ..dont cool the room too cool ok..if your baby having any symptoms of cough or cold its betr to avoid both ok
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Question: Its very hot so can i use fan in room... If i use fan will baby gets cold
Answer: Hi dear, Make sure the air in room is moist enough.you can use a misty humidifier.else baby could have difficulty in breathing due to dryness of nasal passage.otherwise fan in medium speed is fine.
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Question: My baby is 2 months old.. can we put fan.. is it safe fan
Answer: Hi Yes you can put the fan ..no need to worry..and in this hot summer u can also use cooler and ac for them under some precaitions only ok..if your babu having cold tgen its better to away from cooler and ac ok
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Question: my baby is 6 weeks old. Can I put on fan? as the climate is hot n humid. Will it harm my baby??
Answer: Don't put directly perpendicular to fan. Put baby apart from fan. Always place some cold water in a vessel in a corner of a room.
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