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Question: Can i pregnant with azoospermic husbund?

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Answer: I read somewhere that a person who is not having sperm in his ejaculate and has problem with sperm production may still be able to make his partner pregnant with treatment.
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    Dharmi A124 days ago

    Which treatment

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Question: Can i pregnant with pcod?
Answer: Hi! An ovarian cyst generally do not affect fertility or ur chances to conceive and it depends on the type of cyst you have. Hence it is possible for you to get pregnant with cysts. Some lifestyle changes, healthy diet exetcise and right medication is needed to conceive a healthy baby. I had pcod and conceived naturally. A good diet and exercise would help you. Consult a nutritionist does help. Exercise or yoga helps; also cut down on sugar, refined and processed food, alcohol and caffeine. My doc prescribed diet changes and exercise. So I exercise for 25 to 30 minutes 6 days a week. I cut down majorly on all carbs, upped my protein, veggie and fruit intake. Also have cut way back on dairy. My energy had come back tremendously,but even starting with brisk walking everyday will benefit your energy levels. Eat green raw veggies as salad, fruits which are less sweet (avoid mango, banana, grapes etc) avoid processed food, maida, ( bhaturas, pizza, burger, Chinese) white rice, airated drinks, sugar should be avoided as much as you can focus more on organic food of you are non vegetarian than try having organic as hormones in Chicken can add on to the trouble and most importantly brisk walk everyday for at least 45 min to 1 hour. PCOS cannot be cured but you can handle it and control it to great extend with clean eating and exercise. All the best!
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Question: Can i get pregnant with pcos?
Answer: Hello, Dear PCOS is characterized by irregular or absent ovulation and hormone imbalances. Regular ovulation is essential for pregnancy to occur. PCOD is a Lifestyle disorder and cannot be “Treated” by any 1, 3 or 6 months medicines course. You can make lifestyle changes to try and restore ovulation. If over weight, losing 5–10% of your current weight will be helpful. Even if not overweight, do inorporate a regular exercise consisting of strength training and cardio in your schedule.Take care of your diet. Restrict proccessed, fried foods and sweets, colas etc. Do visit your gynecologist who can prescribe medicines for ovulation, rule out other factors that maybe hampering your chances of conception and monitor your progress. All the best !!
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Question: Can i get pregnant with endometriosis??
Answer: Hi dear, Endometriosis is a painful condition for leads to infertility too but there are treatment and options for a women to conceive and have baby with this condition too.based on the severity of the issue doctors would give suggestions. There are medicines to release mature eggs.alao there is alternative solution like IVF to can also freeze your eggs if you have ovarian endometriosis.consult a fertility expert.
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