5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can i prctse musc..im in frst month of prgnancy

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Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can practice music and there is nothing to worry about it. Hope it helps.
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Question: What are do's and dont's in first month of prgnancy?
Answer: These early months of pregnancy are critical for your baby's development. Taking a few key steps now can help protect your baby's health and your own. 1.Get early prenatal care and keep up with your appointments. Good prenatal care is essential to your baby's health – and to yours. 2.Take your prenatal Vitamin 3.Consult your healthcare provider about the medications you're taking. 4.Avoid bending 5.Avoid Lifting heavy objects 6.Take proper rest 7.Include in your daily diet fresh fruits n vegetables
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Question: Can we do sex in the pregnancy of frst month
Answer: Congratulations on Your pregnancy sex is not advisable in first trimester as it is very sensitive period and your body requires rest so travel and sex are not at all advisable in first trimester take care
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Question: 7-8fluid is ok in 8th month of prgnancy
Answer: Hello 8-18 AFI is considered normal. 7 is little less. However consult your doctor for this.
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