2 months old baby

Question: Can I play the soft music in my phone. My lil one likes it. Will the device music be harmful to her

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Answer: you can play music dear. no problem. Just dont keep the device close to your baby always. Enjoy the music dear. dont worry
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    Saumya Suman699 days ago

    Will it develop her habit to play with phones or any other devices in future. Actually I don't want her to be use to of gadgets like another children

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Question: Can i play music for my baby
Answer: Yes of course dear. Even I do the same for my baby
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Question: Am 14 weeks pregnant can i listen loud music in ear phone or it will harm my baby ears?
Answer: You can use earphones but it should be at moderate volume. It won't affect the baby
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Question: I love to singing song and like classical music. Also soft music. I want to know is singing harmful to my baby in this condition?
Answer: Its good ...when u r listening music the baby also listen. the soft music will helps to relaxing u then automatically baby also relaxed.so its good ..
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Question: Just for a second I heard very loud music in earphone and even I get scared for a min . So can it will be harmful for my baby??
Answer: Hi..It is totally safe to use headphones in pregnancy. Baby will have no effect of it. Baby will be able to react or hear if u bring headphones near ur womb. So, dont worry and enjoy ur music.
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