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Question: Can i plan for pregnancy with endometriosis. Is it possible or not

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Answer: Hello dear. It is possible to conceive however the chances are low. If you do not conceive naturalky within 6 months of trying then consult gynae to start with fertility treatment. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is it possible to conceive with severe endometriosis
Answer: hi dear! so dear it is possible for you to conceive but then you can get complications in your pregnancy so first you should get your gnrh injection named leuprolide. these injections should help with your endometriosis dear. so i dont know if you are under any treatment for your endometriosis dear. consult your doctor regarding this injection. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you!
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Question: my sonography report shows that i have endometriosis and hydrosalpinx, i have not even tried for pregnancy yet so is it possible to conceive naturally for me
Answer: To concive Proper treatment is necessary to overcome endometriosis with help.of antibiotics and antiinflamtory medicines. The treatment should be completed with surgical removal of infected hydrosalpinx tube as it alters chances of pregnancy. Are you getting periods every month? Irregular cycle? Heavy pain? Do not worry Please keep me updated.
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Question: Can i get pregnant with endometriosis??
Answer: Hi dear, Endometriosis is a painful condition for leads to infertility too but there are treatment and options for a women to conceive and have baby with this condition too.based on the severity of the issue doctors would give suggestions. There are medicines to release mature eggs.alao there is alternative solution like IVF to can also freeze your eggs if you have ovarian endometriosis.consult a fertility expert.
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