4 months old baby

Question: Can i make my 4 month old baby sit on my lap? Or can i take him in kangaroo bag while going? Or he is too small to sit?

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Answer: Hi,you should wait till your baby is 6 months.as till than the baby will be able to hold himself.
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Question: When i make my baby to sit on my lap he always bends. Will his spine will be affected by this i am really worried. If i dont make him sit he cries a lot until i make him sit ....
Answer: Hi,you can make him sit for some time but help the baby in keeping his posture erect as it can cause to back problems .little bending of the baby is ok as the baby is just growing and his muscles are not too strong yet. So don't make him sit for too long.
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Question: My baby is 4mnth old... Can use a kangaroo bag
Answer: You can surely use kangaroo bag,if your baby's neck is properly set. But it is recommended that the kangaroo bag should be used after 6 months
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Question: My baby is 129 days old so can i sit him in my lap?
Answer: Hi, yes you can but not for long time as the muscles of the baby ate not so strong, so you should burnout much pressure.. You can make him sit for a few minutes in a comfortable position.
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Question: My baby is four and half month old...can i make him sit on my lap....can i use baby carrier to carry him.....plz advise.
Answer: Yes you can make him sit on ur lap
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