28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i lay straight while sleeping? I'm not comfortable with any other position

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Answer: No dear, laying straight on back or sleeping on tummy is completely no no during pregnancy. Ideal sleeping position is on left side.
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Question: I'm 25 weeks pregnant... I feel comfortable while sleeping straight position.. Is it OK to sleep straight in upward position?
Answer: Hello... This is quite common... During 1st trimester of pregnancy.. Morning sickness is common. So once u pass 1st trimester... U will be absolutely fyn... Fr every pregnant mother.. 1st trimester is very difficult phase to overcome
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Question: Now Am 27weeks pregnant can I lay down straight while sleeping am not comfortable in lying on my left or right side
Answer: Hi dear, I can completely relate to you. As I faced the same issues when I was pregnant. When you lie belly-up, the weight of your uterus can compress a major blood vessel, called the vena cava, disrupting blood flow to your baby and leaving you nauseated, dizzy, and short of breath. The best way to sleep during the second half of pregnancy is on your side. Try to take U or C shape pillow to take support you will be feeling much better. Take care.
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Question: Is it ok to lay on right side other than left side.. Cuz I'm comfortable on the right side while sleeping.?
Answer: U can but sleeping on left side is more healthier for ur baby. U can change position but try to sleep more on left side.
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Question: Is it ok to lay down straight for sometime.....while sleeping I lay down straight without knowing....I get little pain after waking....is it okay? Am worried
Answer: Hi dear it is fine to lay down straight for sometime but while sleeping you are suggested to sleep on your side just because your so that your present I can carry the nutrients the blood the oxygen well to your baby so that the circulation is good there is no other reason to suggest to sleep on side but if you are comfortable staying on your back for sometimes it is also fine and it should not cause any pain it presses your nerves and at times you feel nauseated while sleeping like that because you are growing baby puts a lot of pressure on your nerves . Hope this helps!
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