6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i know 5week pregnant women can lift how much amount of weight

2 Answers
Answer: Hello During your first trimester it is always good to not lift any weight. This period is where you need to take care alot. After 3 months you can lift small weights. No one will allow you to lift heavy items. Taking weights will put your weight down and it will cause pressure to your baby. Avoid it dear. Hope this helped you alot
Answer: U should not lift weight Only 1-2
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Question: How much weight can lift by pregnant lady ?
Answer: Not more than 5 kgs. Infact I avoided even that during my pregnancy as O did not wanted complications. So if possible avoid it. Hope i helped.
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Question: How much weight can I lift in pregnancy, during house hold works???eg:can I lift cooker,and vessel full of water can I lift these things please suggest
Answer: Yes if all is good in your pregnancy that means there is no complication then you can lift maximun 11 kgs weight allowed
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Question: How much weight gain a normal pregnant women can take
Answer: A normal women take 12-14 kg weight gain in pregnancy period
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