9 months old baby

Question: Can I introduce pomegranate juice to ky 9 months baby?

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Answer: Hello... yes,you feed pomogranate juice,it is rich in iron,helps in blood formation and also promotes digestion
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Question: Can we give pomegranate juice to baby at 6 months??
Answer: Yes dear U can give pomegranate juice to ur 6 months old baby. In initial age give only in the form of juice. Later u can give it directly with seed. Pomegranate juice is very healthy for babies as it helps in controlling diarrhea and prevents gastric problems in babies. It can also be used as soothing agent during teething.
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Question: Can we give pomegranate juice to four months old baby
Answer: Hi dear, no solids or semi solids till 6 months. Only formula or ur feed. After 6 months it can be included in babies diet after 6 months, only during meal time as giving juice with meals helps body absorbs iron from the food. When you introduce dilute one part of juice with 10 parts of boiled water. Always prefer cup over bottle to give juice for babies to prevent tooth decay.  Always remember that breastmilk or formula should be major for babies until one year hence prefer juices occasionally and when baby is sick.
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Question: Can i give pomegranate juice to baby?
Answer: My paediatrician suggested me to give fruits which you can give in pulp form avoiding fruit juices at this point of time.so I give my baby apple, chikoo and banana smoothie alternatively.
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