5 months old baby

Question: Can I introduce oats to my 5 month old baby? If yes, then how?

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Answer: Hi.. after six month u can introduce semi solid foods to baby .. bt first give smashed fruits nd juice then later give oats before giving oats grind it once nd give or better make oats soup
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    Rishu Singla65 days ago

    Thanks dear

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Question: Cqn I introduce Oats to my 10 months baby? If yes then please tell the recipe.
Answer: Hello dear. Yes oats can be given to babies once they are 6 months. I used to first saute them then add boiling water. And some formula milk to it. Thats is how my daughter liked it. After 12 month started making the way we used to have it. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i introduce egg to my 7 months old baby ..if yes tell me how to introduce also
Answer: Hie, would suggest waiting for another month once your baby is 8 months old then you might introduce the yellow part as fro the white part, it may contain allergens and hence it is best offered post 1 year of age ensure you cook the egg well as uncooked egg can be harmful to your baby offer a small amount and observe if your baby is able to digest it well.
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Question: Can i give museli to my 10 month old baby?? If yes then how??
Answer: Hii dear plz dont introduce museli or corn flakes to ur baby as they are complex to digest. U can introduce same to ur baby after one year by soaking in milk or by making laddoo of it.
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