30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I have women horlicks.. Now.. Can anyone suggest me whether it's good to my baby or not..

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Answer: Dear see I would suggest you to take plain milk instead of these things because it have lots of added sugar and preservatives in it so should be avoided
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    kavitha kiran500 days ago

    Tq u sis

Answer: Avoid if ur have sugar.. Unless u can have..
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Question: Can i have women Or mother Horlicks?
Answer: Hi dear as you are mother of one month baby you can have a mother's Horlicks which helps to increase the milk secretion but mother's Horlicks can also be taken but it is recommended for age group 30 + so you can continue with mother Horlicks there this is good for both bone and also to increase the milk separation with this please in include more milk latching food items that helps to increase milk secretion
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Question: It's good to drink women horlicks?
Answer: Hello dear congratulations on a pregnancy since you are 10 week pregnant instead of women's Horlicks you should go for mother's Horlicks as its prepaid according to the requirement of a pregnant woman
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Question: Is baby shower is safe for pregnant women, as my grandma believes that it's not safe. Can anyone suggest it is good or not
Answer: Baby shower is definitely safe just ensure you are with friendly sorroundings and ensure you are comfortable.Take care of your health.
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