10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I have soye sauce? And homemade Chinese food without msg and aginamoto?

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Answer: Yes you can have. But add soya sauce and vinegar less than usual while cooking.
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Question: I crave for chinese food. I am in 17th week of pregnancy. Can i have it or avoid as it consits MSG and vinegar
Answer: You must avoid Chinese food because it contains ajinomoto(Chinese salt) which is really harm full for your baby my doctor advised me to completely avoid Chinese food and cold drinks during my pregnancy.
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Question: Can i eat soy sauce added homemade foods
Answer: Hi,yes you can but not so iften because it has added salts which is not healthy and can lead to bp issues due to excessive salts present in it.hoqever once a while is fine.
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Question: Can i have chinese food during pregnancy
Answer: you should avoid Chinese food from the restaurant as it contains ajinomoto(MSG). Allergic it is sometimes allergic to people You can have chinese food prepared at home without putting MSG
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Question: Can i eat Chinese food without Ajinomoto adding to it?
Answer: Hi Do not take chinese as they are not easy to digest as in pregnancy already digestion ll be slow which mayxcause stomach dis orders or acidity..take healthy diets in pregnancy for healthy grwoth of baby
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