11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i have red chilli pickle as its spicy..i love having spicy food?

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Answer: Pregnancy is full of carvings.. to ease your carve you can eat once or twice but I would suggest to avoid completely outside pickle also spicy foods especially in pregnancy.. if you want you can prepare at home adding less spices to it.. at home also not frequently.. avoid eating anything too much in pregnancy
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Question: Can I have chilli pickle in 8 th month pregnancy?
Answer: Having very small portion of chilli pickle is not a problem in pregnancy but make sure that it's homemade as readymade pickles contains water preservatives which is not good for your health
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Question: Can i eat green chilli pickle...its not spicy chilli...m 12 week pregnant
Answer: U can eat anything of your choice.. but notice how you are feeling after eating that, if you feel normal u can continue, but if you are feeling burning stomach or chest avoid that.
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Question: Can I have chilli pickle during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear lot of spicy stuff causes acidity.. If you crave for It, you can have it in moderation..
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