21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can I have ragi jawa/ganjji daily. elders are telling we should not have ragi as it will turn baby black in color

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Answer: Don't take it regularly.. but raagi malts are best in pregnancy.. it's enriched with iron.. which is necessary in pregnancy.. and baby skin tone is depended over parents not food..😂
Answer: Yes you can have.its good for blood level and more beneficial in summer.its nutrirtious.and it has nothing to do with baby colour.baby colour depends on genes.dont wry u have it
Answer: Baby's color is purely determined by genetic factors. Taking Ragi won't blacken the baby or taking kesar won't increase its fairness.
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Question: I can feed ragi milk jawa to my 7 th baby daily
Answer: Yes dear if your baby likes then yes you can feed it to your baby daily. I would also say give variety as baby gets bored of the same food very easily. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 28 days old , his lips are black in color, plz suggest to turn it pink
Answer: Hi if you are baby is a breastfed exclusively breastfed it is very common and normal it is nothing but the colour of your areola that the baby sucks, please don't worry it will be automatically turned to pink after sometime .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Elders said that while sleeping as a pregnant lady for me i should not turn as it is while sleeping but unknowingly iam turning as it is is it will cause any problem tell me pls
Answer: Yes thats correct.. u should get up and change sides.. baccha palat jata hai as i have seen in many cases.. take care..
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